Construction Management

Effective construction management is the cornerstone of efficient and on-time construction projects. Our construction management services are designed to streamline all aspects of a project to ensure that costs are controlled and risks are managed at job sites, all leading to timely completion of a construction project.

What we can do

At AM Advance, we provide close oversight of all elements of a project, including budget planning and maintenance, contractor staffing, scheduling, and on-site safety and productivity. Through our coordinated efforts, we ensure that even the largest and most complex construction jobs are completed according to the set deadline and within budget. Our construction management services ensure that projects can be completed quickly and to the highest possible standards.

Construction inspection

Our team is licensed to perform routine site inspections that are crucial to ensure that a project is meeting all necessary requirements.

Project scheduling

On-time delivery requires strict scheduling. We create, maintain, and adjust schedules as needed to ensure we stick to the timeline every time.

Cost planning

We can provide and maintain a detailed project budget from the planning stages all the way through construction until closeout.

Risk mitigation

Successful risk mitigation is a critical proactive task of construction management. By anticipating risks that can result in delays or out-of-budget costs, we can prevent them.


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Why us

Benefits of working with us


We’re honest and dependable

Cutting corners during construction management results in sloppy work that often costs more to replace. We are trusted industry leaders, and we never promise anything we can’t deliver.

Accurate scheduling and budgeting

Our team is skilled at assessing the needs of a project and providing accurate timelines and cost estimates, so our clients know exactly what to expect.

Years of experience

We have years of experience in construction management and renovation. This experience has honed our skills and has prepared us for any project.

High level of service

Professionalism is key in all our projects. We communicate extensively with our clients to provide project updates and prevent unwanted surprises.
I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to AM Advance Group for the impeccable installation of impact windows and doors in my home. The quality of their products is outstanding, and their installation team displayed exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The impact windows and doors not only enhance the aesthetics of my home but also provide security and energy efficiency. Thank you, AM Advance Group, for a job well done.

Olivia Martinez



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