Permits & Violations

Obtaining permits and resolving violations can be frustrating and overwhelming. Our experience with construction projects has turned us into regulatory experts when it comes to building and zoning codes. With our help, the complicated process will feel simple and effortless.

What we can do

We expedite permit and violation procedures so that you don’t have to be bogged down by all the regulatory red tape. We review all applications, review, and revision paperwork to ensure they’re filled out fully and accurately. With our extensive knowledge about building code and zoning regulations, your project permits will be swiftly approved so you can break ground.

Architectural plans

We can create and review building floor plans prior to submission to confirm that they’re up to code and avoid a lengthy approval process.

Engineering Services

To ensure compliance when it comes to all elements of a structure, we employ skilled engineers who can design safe and reliable structures.

As-Built Certificates

We can certify that buildings are structurally sound and code-compliant as designed, providing clients with necessary certificates.

After-The-Fact Permits

If you have work on your property that was completed without approval, don’t run the risk of heavy penalties. With our help, you can obtain after-the-fact permits so you are fully compliant.


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Why us

Benefits of working with us


Expedited process

Complex building codes can create time-consuming barriers, but we can expedite the process for smoother approval.

Knowledgeable in building and zoning codes

With years of experience, we are experts in building requirements, so we can meet every requirement and catch mistakes before the City does.

Instant peace of mind

There are few things more stressful as a property owner than permit violations. Let us handle everything it takes to get your property up to code so you don’t have to worry.

Professional team

From our no-risk consultation to permit approval, you will feel supported by our team every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our communication and customer service.
AM Advance Group exceeded my expectations when it came to resolving permit and violation issues. Their team's knowledge of local regulations and their attention to detail were remarkable. They handled the entire process efficiently and effectively, ensuring that all necessary permits were obtained and violations were addressed promptly. I highly recommend AM Advance Group for their expertise in navigating complex permit and violation matters.

Daniel Wilson



Expediting your permits and violations

Whether you are submitting an application for a permit or fixing an existing violation, we can help.

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